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How to Add a Font to Text in your Website using HTML and CSS

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Adding a font to text in your website using HTML and CSS is fairy easy and simple, and we'll show you how in this article.

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Writing the CSS

Let's quickly write the CSS. For this tutorial, we'll name it "font-text". We'll also use the font "Codec Pro".

.font-text {

Now, we have to import the font itself. You can using or Find a font in mind, and you should be given instructions on how to add it to your website: instructions for importing fonts

So now on top the very top line of your .css file, you can add the @import. It should look like this:

@import url('');
.font-text {

Great! We're halfway there. All we need is to set font-text to have the font "Codec Pro"

@import url('');
.font-text {
font-family 'Codec Pro', sans-serif;

If it confuses you, in the instructions above, it said to use the following CSS rules to specify these families. The format for font-family is:

font-family: 'font-name', typeface;

You can use font-family on any CSS class you want.

If you want to set the font to your entire website, you can also do that using the html class.

html {
font-family: 'Codec Pro', sans-serif;

Notice how there's no dot before html. It's very important as html is an element and not a class, it applies to the whole page/website.

Writing the HTML

Writing the HTML is also easy. Just add the class to any text, whether that be <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <p>, or <span>

<p class="font-text">hello world</p>

And you've successfully added a font to a text in your website!