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Our Blog Has Better SEO Than Our Actual Site, and Here's Why

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is a very important aspect when it comes to website. SEO's allows sites to gain more visibility and convert viewers to potential customers. It's a great way to be known in today's digital world.

While helping optimize Likha Studios' websites, both their main page and blog page, I've noticed something intriguing. Likha Studios' Blog has more visibility than their main site.

I sat their and wondered why that is, and started digging through. What I found is a great insight you can use too.

1. Content is King 👑

Our Blog is primarily focused on providing a wide range of content, from AI, Tech News and Website and Social Media related insights. Because content is fresh and valuable and created regularly, their Blog climbs the Search Engine Ladder higher.

2. Backlinks are used a lot 🔗

When posting about our Blog on Social Media, we include the link to the article we're posting about. When we do, it creates a backlink to our site. Backlinks are simply links from one website to another. One of the ways popular Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo find or "index" sites is by checking if they are backlinked. Backlinks show credibility and popularity, which is why common Search Engines utilize it.

3. Keywords are really important ⌨️

Keywords are heavily used in blog sites and blog writers today. Keywords are a great way to attract potential readers. When looking for a certain topic, readers use keywords related to their topic, and through SEO keyword researching, our Blog is optimized to include that.

4. Maintained more 🛠️

To be ahead of popular keywords and SEO industry standards, we maintain the Likha Studio Blog more. We regularly change keywords to give our Blog more visibility. In the future, our Blog will have the capabilities to update on it's own with Google's API.

There may be more variables unaccounted for that may affect why our Blog as better SEO visibility than our actual main site, but the reasons we've covered are the primary reasons why. In the next page of Likha's Notebook, we've experimented on this Blog how adding a Meta Description affected the visibility and views of our Blog. Stay tuned for more!