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How Six Letters Changed the Way Our Site Worked

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Ever wonder how websites today can be viewed on our phones? Mobile responsiveness has been a highlighted feature DIY website builders promote, with DIY website builders such as Nicepage, Mobirise and more. While DIY website builders are great, they can't provide full control over the website building process, you can't edit the code behind your site.

While developing our site, we found six letters that changed the way we could handle mobile responsiveness. A problem while making websites mobile responsiveness is how the site handles text.

The way text is viewed depends on the width and height of the screen. When the screen is too small to fit the entire text in one line, it breaks and views the text in another line, typically below.

Non-breaking space example by o7planning
Non-breaking space example by o7planning


How do we fix this problem? With six letters,  , or Non-breaking Space.

Non-breaking space is a commonly used HTML entity. An HTML entity is a special code or symbol that represents a specific character or function in HTML. A Non-breaking Space makes sure that the text found in the website will not be separated and put into separate lines. It ensures that when you create a website, what you see is what you get.

What are the disadvantages to Non-breaking space?

Because technology today is faster, better and more efficient, you can worry less about taking up bandwidth. Some browsers may not support HTML entities, such as the Non-breaking space, but the number of browsers that do support it is good.

There are also other HTML entities you can look at. For a Non-breaking hyphen, you can use ‑. If you would like to read more about HTML entities, you can check out this post by w3schools, a reliable online resource for learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more.

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